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Algrim the strong was one of the dark elves of the extradimensional realm of svartalfheim who served the dark elves ruler, malekith the accursed. Kurse is voiced by ron halder in the animated movie thor. The digital separations and expanded palette brought out the best in kirbys work. He has found refuge and a new home in asgard and has long served as a trusted advisor to odin. It was tales of asgard that made thor an asgardian, that gave thor a mythology.

Make no mistake, there are some graet comic books in this collection of classic thor tales by stan lee and jack kirby, but these efforts are totally destroyed by modern day digital coloring. To that end, he and his halfbrother, loki, stow away with the the warriors three to find the sword of surtur in yodenheim. Tales of asgard 2011 is a directtovideo animated film from marvel animation and lionsgate featuring the adventures of a teenage thor, his little brother loki, and the warriors three as they try to retrieve the lost sword of surtur from jotunheim. Marvels thor tales of asgard thunderous on bluray and dvd published by toonbarn rob on may 19, 2011 just recently, marvel and disney teamed to bring us thor tales of asgard, an animated adventure on bluray and dvd, detailing some of the earlier years of the iconic comic book hero. To a large extent, tales of asgard is the prototypical backup. Journey into mystery 97 1963 marvel comic by kirby continuum. Marvel villains, thor villains, comic book villains, algrim in thor. The inker credit was not listed but taken from the tales of asgard.

The dark elves appear in the films set in the marvel cinematic universe. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Malekith captured lorelei, an asgardian woman who had used a magical potion to make the asgardian thunder god thor fall deeply in love with her. Thor continued his modern day adventures in both his own book and in avengers, but lee and kirby also took time to establish even more history in their tales of asgard installments. This is well produced book, featuring modern computer colors on jack kirbys dynamic artwork. Tales of asgard the dark elf known as kurse was originally named algrim, a warrior and servant of the dark elf lord malekith the accursed. Its pretty play by numbers stuff and though the story is solid enough the characters are a combination of weak and annoying. Find the value of the marvel comic tales of asgard volume 1. However, in the same way that the feature is successful in its ability to appeal to two camps of thor fans, it is also a bit contradictory in the story it tells. He is seen as an advisor to odin and his kind was driven to nearextinction by the frost giants. Back in asgard, algrim tells odin that a visitor wishes to see him. His corruption became a defining moment in the lives of both boys. Brunhilde is a manhating, sexist, strawwoman who spreads close minded teachings to her students, the valkyries.

Kurse is a marvel comics character, created by walter simonson. Tales of asgard follows a young arrogant thor eager to prove his worth in battle. Kurse originally appeared under the name algrim the strong. This is mainly because of the animation, which is very saturdaymorning cartoon. The dark world 20 the british actor adewale akinnuoyeagbaje portrays kurse in the sequel of. Like the invincible iron man, many complained that it was. Son of asgard, tales of asgard sees thor as a cocky, arrogant and overconfident teenager who is yet to taste adventure, swing the mighty.

Algrim appears in the animated directtovideo film thor. Tales of asgard algrim was the last living dark elf. Tales of asgard, this is a whatif story based on a scene about halfway through the movie in which thor and loki meet up with the unsuspecting warriors three. They frequently appear in stories featuring the superhero thor. More 1shots continued in tales of asgard 1984 series tales of asgard was a back up series in issues of journey into mystery. In doing so he teams with his brother loki and accidentally reignites tensions between asgard and the frost giants. These stories are based on these immortal legends and include the creation of the gods and their enemies the evil frost giants. The most common of the elves are the dark elves of svartalfheim and the light elves of alfheim that are based on the elves of norse mythology.

Algrim was a resident of svartalfheim when the frost giants attacked and devastated the planet until nothing grew anymore. Tales of asgard 2011 is a direct to video animated film from marvel animation and lionsgate featuring the adventures of a teenage thor, his little brother loki, and the warriors three as they try to retrieve the lost sword of surtur from jotunheim. Originally published as backup stories in journey into mystery and thor, the tales of asgard came together in a 2009 six issue reprint series called thor. The plot and characters are filling preset molds that have been duplicated again and again in cartoons, books, comic books, and movies. And so began the very first epic tale of marvels most revered hero, the mighty thor, whose legend would grow alongside the success of marvel comics, making him the most exciting super hero of all time. Tales of asgard dvd, bluray online at lowest price in india at. Tales of asgard stories,even though in their original form were the second set of stories after the thor stories in the comic book yes i said comic book,cause that s what they were when i bought em as a kid.

Long before he was worthy to wield the war hammer, mjolnir, thor, son of odin, was an impetuous young prince of asgard hungry to prove himself a worth warrior. After the death of his people he moved to asgard to become the advisor to king odin becoming a good friend to the princes thor and loki. The early stories deal with marvels interpretation of the norse legends and minitales of some of the norse gods heimdall, loki, balder, thor and odin and seem to reflect stan lees influence. Instead of using the coloring from the original books, some clever editor had the idea to replace them with modern day computer coloring. This animated feature was released on may 17, 2011, 11 days after the thor film. Tales of asgard was not as well received as previous the previous films from marvel animation.

Tales of asgard takes place in thors early years before he got the hammer. After he mentions that it concerns his sons, the bartender is allowed inside as he demands compensation for the damage done to his pub, due to thor and lokis actions, before revealing his proof. Tales of asgard isnt the best comic book movie ive seen definitely not on the level of most batman animated movies, or the green lantern ones. Taking inspiration from the comic book series thor. Based on the realm of the same name from norse mythology, asgard is home to the asgardians and other beings adapted from norse mythology. Kurse is the name of two fictional characters appearing in american comic books published by marvel comics. Tales of asgard is the eighth and final film in the series and is based on the character of the same name by stan lee and jack kirby. Marvel has done a terrific job of assembling all of the tales of asgard stories and given us some nice bonus features as well, including thors first appearance in journey into mystery. Tales of asgard 1968 comic read tales of asgard 1968. His race was killed by frost giants after they were forced to ally with surtur because odin would not help them. Asgard is the home of the aesir, the mighty norse gods. Tales of asgard is a nice little bridge piece in that it contains easter eggs and plot threads that will appeal to both longtime fans of the thor comics, as well as new fans who discovered thor via the liveaction movie.

Throughout her screentime she does nothing but venomously proclaim that men are more evil than anything else and that they are good for only one thing sex. Tales of asgard is a fun little cartoon where teen thor and loki learn about the horrors of war and i. He was one of the largest and strongest of his kind. Kurse was from a race called the dark elves and he is considered to be the most powerful of them all. Asgard is a fictional realm and its capital city appearing in american comic books published by marvel comics. Of course, superhero comics started as anthologies, with tales of different superheroes. Tales of asgard collects and reprints the backup stories featured in journey into mystery. Algrim and the rest of the dark elves first asked for the help of odin of asgard, and when he refused they turned to surtur who would later lose to odin.

Tales of asgard will either please you or make you bored. Originally known as algrim the strong, after being mystically augmented by the beyonder, his. Algrim of the dark elves appears in the animated film thor. Algrim was taken in by odin after the war and became a helpful servant and advisor to the king. They felt it was a step down from previous efforts such as hulk vs and planet hulk.