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She remembered how he used to boast that once he took his throne he would rule as a dragon that was the only teacher he needed. Youtube the next episode of game of thrones might not come until deep breath, now 2019, but at least there will always be youtube. Rhaegar, viserys and daenerys targaryen by appelpitje1 on. Daenerys targaryen fulfills a sixyear promise and finally arrives in westeros.

A game of thrones why didnt viserys marry daenerys. A game of throneschapter 36 a wiki of ice and fire. Daenerys gets her wet pink pussy licked and then rides a hard cock with her anus. King viserys iii targaryen was the eighteenth member of the targaryen dynasty to claim the iron throne of westeros, but his claim was not recognised within westeros. May 27, 2017 15 huge daenerys targaryen changes from the books to the show. Jun 19, 2016 daenerys targaryens vision from game of thrones season 2 may spoil the ending of season 6. I hate youtube they deleted my vid for nudity content so im uploading it here. Subscribe for newest videos and dont forget to click that bell button to get notifications.

He is also aerys heir after his brother rhaegar is. Dany is in her bed in khal drogos manse, clutching a bedrobe of persimmoncolored silk around her shoulders and hugging her knees to her chest, when the bedchamber door opens with a creak of hinges and viserys slithers in. Download game of thrones 6x09 daenerys targaryen against the masters2016 06 19. Is daenerys repeating her brothers mistakes on game of thrones this season. What is the relationship between daenerys, viserys, and dragons. I have finally come alive collectively we wish to uplift some we lose along the way but there are t. If you have any scene request you can tell me in comments. Game of thrones 5x07 daenerys and daario hot make out scene.

The targaryen family tree is the story of one of the most powerful families in westeros and in game of thrones. No, i dont think we have any reason to doubt that daenerys is the rightful queen to the iron throne. Danyviserys imagne being the twin brother to daenerys targaryen, the mother of dragons, and stopping your older brother viserys from hurting her pregot. Mar 14, 2017 welcome to the hollywood reporters everything to know series. When viserys is killed during the shaping of a custommade gold crown, his sister, daenerys, says he was not a dragon.

He became the beggar king and that made him bitter and probably woke the dragon the crazy side of the coin that the gods flip when a targaryen is. A song of ice and fire game of thrones, jon and daenerys scenes duration. I just decided to make it public on my old channel. Viserys targaryen was the younger brother of the late rhaegar targaryen and the older brother of daenerys targaryen. Starting with game of thrones, thrs westeros guru josh wigler will offer an indepth guide about, well, everything there is to know. There, he fed on a fantasy for years and gradually lost everything.

Started of as a young, pretty, timid, and naive girl who just wanted to be loved. It sucked but i finished it and did eventually upload. David benioff contextualizes a unique sibling relationship. He is the son of the mad king aerys ii targaryen and queen rhaella targaryen, younger brother of prince rhaegar targaryen and the older brother of daenerys targaryen. Rhaegar and lyanna had a proper marriage that was based on love. Game of thrones s03e03 daenerys agrees to swap drogon for the unsullied army. Viserys targaryen is a fictional character in the a song of ice and fire series of fantasy novels by american author george r. Viserys is less desirable considering his political status is more baggage than daenerys as he is actively seeking the throne. Viserys who once detested books and often tried to avoid his tutors. The mad king might have been mad, but he wanted his family to keep the throne. Game of thrones viserys bad talks to daenerys youtube.

Daenerys is young, attractive, just at the right age for marriage and whether her targaryen blood is a pro or con for those considering marrying her, shes a pretty decent bride for many in essos. Download for free on all your devices computer, smartphone, or tablet. Though many see viserys as an evil spoiled child, something in him is changing. Rhaegar and viserys similarities on game of thrones.

Bride of the dragon, an a song of ice and fire fanfic. Sadly, so so sadly, many book readers believe that daenerys was not raped in the novels. The fate of viserys targaryen game of thrones daemon blackfyre 2. Prince viserys targaryen8 is the heir of his father, king aerys ii targaryen, following the death of his older brother, prince rhaegar, during roberts rebellion. Casino you can either have the money and the hammer or you can walk outta here you cant have both duration. Lastly, the dothraki call him khal rhae mhar and khal rhaggat, meaning the sorefoot king and the cart king respectively, though viserys didnt know the meaning of the words taking them to be good things. Game of thrones season 1 daenerys and viserys i dont. Viseryss personal study daenerys found her brother reading more and more frequently which was a radical change in his behavior. Daenerys targaryen is a fictional character in george r.

Darkly handsome but often unpleasantlooking and pugnacious, viserys targaryen had long silver hair and purple eyes typical of valyrian men and women. Daenerys becomes pregnant with drogos son and he is prophesied to be the stallion that mounts the world. Daenerys comes to love both drogo and his people while viserys is increasingly frustrated by drogos failure to deliver on his promise. The most recent episode of game of thrones, titled oathbreaker,saw daenerys being brought before the dosh khaleen in the holy city of vaes dothrak. Turn on safe browse to hide content that has been flagged by the community as not safe for work. On youtube, facebook, and many other places, i see people commenting no but the show is nonesense. Started off as a young, pretty, timid, and naive girl who just wanted to go home. If viserys andor daenerys was captured at dragonstone in. She is a fierce yet kind person who just wants what is best for daenerys, which meant often defending her against her twin and being the one to be hit by their abusive brother. Viserys es violento y abusivo, sobretodo con su hermana daenerys. He claimed the iron throne as king viserys iii following his fathers murder, but never returned to westeros, as he. Daenerys targaryenviserys targaryen works archive of our own. Is daenerys repeating her brothers mistakes on game of. Martin, and the first season of the television adaptation game of thrones.

Introduced in 1996s a game of thrones, viserys and his younger sister, daenerys are the last confirmed members of house targaryen who. Khal drogo killing viserys a crown for a king game. Ser jorah and her khas swear their oaths before the mother of dragons. She lives in volantis not knowing that she is the true princess of westeros. Daenerys targaryen has gotten herself into a bit of a mess on game of thrones. Aerehna targaryen was the twin sister of viserys targaryen and older sibling to daenerys targaryen. Game of thrones viserys targaryen death 720p youtube. Without him to teach her what she was, she would have probably ended in some lysene pillowhouse or would have been forced to become a courtesan in braavos when their servants took over their house after death of ser willem the man who ferried them out of dragonstone to. Dany and viserys targaryen daenerys the last dragon. Rhaella died in childbirth, and daenerys and her older brother viserys were whisked away to. This is a place to enjoy and discuss the hbo series, book series asoiaf, and grrm works in general.

Rhaegar viserys daenerys 1814 summary what made viserys bitter never happened. In the show shes afraid for him, practically begs for his life, and one of the dothraki concedes, somewhat reluctantly, and then he decides viserys will walk. Emilia clarke deepfake hard fuck daenerys from game of thrones. Fire ice daenerys targaryen art viserys targaryen, png. So it turns out that jon snow and daenerys targaryen are way, way more related on game of thrones than anyone previously thought and heres the math. There are so many characters, so many plots, and so many backstories in the book series. Game of thrones is not dead, it has reincarnated in game of porn season 9 new porn parody from jeanmarie corda. He was mad like aerys, yes, but they were both driven to that point viserys by his life as you so eloquently spelled out, and aerys by his captivity at duskendale and rhaegars popularity. Game of thrones cast at conan obrien part 12 duration. If you ever dare touch her in my presence again i will kill you and to hell with you being my brother and king. Daenerys targaryens vision from game of thrones season 2.

Turn off safe browse to show content that has been flagged by the community as not safe for work. Game of thrones 8x03 daenerys saves jon and jorah saves daenerys duration. Daenerys brother viserys targaryen looks like a total. In an alternate universe, viserys finds himself thrust from a beggar king to the new khal of the dothraki. Viserys, one of the most disliked characters in all of game of thrones. In the books, dany wasnt raped at all, drogo was gentle with her and she wanted him too. Harry lloyd as viserys in the show game of thrones episode roxanne mckee. We are told from early on in game of thrones that viserys and daenerys are brother and sister, and it is said they are the descendants of dragons, although this is as of yet midway through season 2 for me not fully explained. Daenerys late brother viserys formally, viserys iii targaryen, second son and heir of king aerys ii targaryen, the former ruler of the seven kingdoms was, quite frankly, an asshole. So the sixth episode of game of thrones just aired, and while i enjoyed it very much, i couldnt help but be bewildered at why things had to come to the extreme end they escalated to the threatening of her unborn child before daenerys finally abandoned her arrogant brother viserys to his fate. Viserys and daenerys began to wander the free cities as guests of powerful citizens. As children, daenerys and viserys had to sell everything they had, and run from city to city, finding it increasingly difficult to find people who would host t.

Licensed to youtube by wmg on behalf of watertower music. Add to library 115 discussion 1 browse more fanfiction fantasy. Game of thrones s01e02 jorah talks to danaerys and viserys. Game of thrones season 1 daenerys and viserys i dont want to be his queen. Daenerys and viserys targaryen had a sister, alyssa targaryen who was seperated from her siblings.

Viserys and daenerys were the remnants of the exiled house targaryen following a rebellion against their father, aerys ii targaryen. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. She hits him hard with a belt and tells him to leave. Dany followed on her silver, escorted by ser jorah mormont and her brother viserys, mounted once more. A redditor has done the incest math on just how related jon. The fate of viserys targaryen game of thrones youtube. Determined to reclaim his iron throne, viserys sets out on a quest to recapture his homeland. Instead, daenerys is acting like her brother viserys in season 1. Viserys didnt care about the dothraki or their customs. Apr 21, 2018 viserys es violento y abusivo, sobretodo con su hermana daenerys. Dany was born a lot earlier than in canon and rhaegar never took interest in lyanna, only in his beautiful siblings. Season 1 youtube daenerys targaryen television showgame of thrones season eddard stark game of thrones.

Game of thrones soundtrack daenerys targaryen youtube. She was a baby so they could have simply said mother and child both died together. For the first time in the shows history, every single audience. As seen in season 1, the dosh khaleen are a group of widowed khaleesis who serve as. Grrm has a real gift for crafting terrible but understandable characters. This is daenerys targaryen by cristina catanzaro on vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Viserys targaryen, also called the beggar king, is a character from the a song of ice and fire novel series, as well as its television adaptation, game of thrones. Daenerys didnt respond instead letting go of viserys arm and watching as he walked past her to stand in the mouth of the tent. He was gaunt, hard and thin from being on the run almost. Watch her return in the latest episode of game of thrones. Viserys iii targaryen a song of ice and fire wiki fandom. That is also the reason why robert had many spies on daenerys. From braavos, they went to myr, next to tyrosh, on to qohor, volantis, and lys, never staying long at one location.

And for the first time in hundreds of years, the night came alive with the music of dragons. The gods know viserys is creepy and unpleasant but he is absolutely pitiable. Rhaegar, viserys and daenerys targaryen c george r. Theres a scene where shes stopped the khalasar and her brother viserys shows up upset over being ordered by her. Jul 17, 2014 im guessing that viserys wasnt thinking in the same politically logical terms that we may be granting him. One of the things that illustrated the contrast to me was in agots1. May 17, 2014 daenerys targaryens best theme soundtrack in game of thrones season 1, season 2 and season 3. Daenerys targaryen borns her dragons from stone eggs. Game of thrones 8x02 daenerys and jorah scene youtube. Fire ice daenerys targaryen art viserys targaryen, png, 500x667px, fire, art. The design team discusses how they created the series haunting opening scene.

Viserys and daenerys were the remnants of the exiled house targaryen following a rebellion against their father, aerys ii targaryen, the mad king. Viserys then walked out of the tent with a goal in mind and a bag full of things that would get him and hopefully her by until they reached a new city. As they ride up the godsway, daenerys discusses the pros and cons of dothraki combat skills with ser jorah mormont. Magister illyrio mopatis, serving as patron to the exiled viserys and daenerys targaryen, arranges a marriage between princess daenerys and khal drogo. Robert would probably never have done it himself but at some point that eightyearold boy would have met with an accident. Illyrio gives daenerys a trio of ancient dragon eggs as a gift. Viserys did what he could to feed and protect daenerys until he went mad. Viserys and daenerys were put out of the house in braavos soon after. You have to realise that viserys was not always a dickhead. For me, it was important to present that scene in a kind of idyllic.

Daenerys and daario argue in beddaenerys and daario love scene. I love this scene because i think it really shows her transition from timid and scared little girl to strong and powerful woman. Viserys was convinced they were being followed by the usurpers hired knives. Once they have settled in, daenerys invites viserys to sup with her and makes a peace offering of new clothes.