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Slingbox support help finding your video source with the. With slingbox 500 you can watch all the games and matches you want, and see other live sports scores and stats as youre watching, all on your big, impressive screen. Dec 17, 2015 sling medias slingbox m2 is identical to the previousversion placeshifting box in almost every way, with a higher price tag justified by the fact that the slingplayer apps are now free. Choose one of the connections below based on the available outputs on your cable box, satel lite receiver or dvr. If you connected the slingbox to more than one input on your tv, we recommend using the hdmi input for setup. Wifi option greatly expands the m1s flexibility of placement and setup. Only slingbox gives you full access and control of your living room tv experience in up to sparkling 1080p full hd. Flip through channels with the virtual remote control. On the road, at work, or on vacation, a slingbox makes it easy to watch and control your home tv from virtually anywhere, anytime on your laptop, tablet, smartphone or connected device. Finish the cable connection process for your slingbox 500. The slingbox works with any highspeed internet connection or broadband home network. Slingplayer free for tablet, slingplayer for phone paid and slingplayer for tablet paid.

Now that you have the slingbox setup, you are ready to install the software. Here are some short videos showing how to set up your slingbox 350, slingbox m1m2, and slingbox 500. Slingbox 500 support slingbox support slingbox support. The setup wizard automatically discovers and configures the slingbox for the device that it is connected to, and it walks you through the process step by step. Adsupported slingplayer read on for hints how to block. Whether in the home or on the go, with a slingbox connected at home and slingplayer on your mobile device, youre in control of your tv experience. There are no monthly charges or fees and setup is even easier thanks to builtin dualband wifi. System status normal the sling media directory services that help slingplayer connect to your slingbox are operating normally. All you need is the latest version of slingplayer on your smartphone and youre ready to join the fun. These days there are a lot of confusing ways to watch tv. Licensed to youtube by positionmusic sound recordings. If your cable or satellite box does not have component outputs, but only features hdmi connectors, then you can simply get an hdmi to component converter. There is now an onscreen setup on the tv to which the box.

With a slingbox, you can watch and control your tv and all of its programming, live, over the internet on your pc, mac, tablet, smartphone or connected tv. Its in the top 3 bestselling streaming players and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as tivo bolt or tivo roamio ota. Connect your slingbox 500 to your home network using a network cable. I have an xfinity x1 system and i want to hook up a slingbox. Slingbox 500 qsg slingbox m2 qsg slingbox m1 qsg slingbox 350 qsg slingbox prohd qsg slingbox solo qsg slingbox pro qsg slingbox av qsg slingbox classic qsg slingbox 120 qsg. This opens a window that has specific stepbystep instructions for using slingbox. View and download slingbox 350 quick start manual online. New, simplified onscreen setup, hdmi and wifi network connectivity makes it easy to get started. Press and hold the reset button on the back of the slingbox for 5 to 10 seconds. Pause, fastforward, rewind and even schedule dvr recordings. Most users would be fine with the cheaper slingbox 350 instead. When the tool finds your video source listed in the results, just select it and click set up info.

How to set up slingbox pro hd to directtv genie hr44 500 or any other directtv box duration. If you want to use wifi, then you must follow the onscreen method above. Slingbox solo, slingbox prohd, slingbox 350 or slingbox 500. This works perfectly with the directv genie, samsung 46a630 tv, and my slingbox 500. Slingbox 500 is a very popular option at the top of the price range. The 500 represents the best of the slingbox breed to date. Easily connect the compact slingbox 350 to any one of your home entertainment sources and watch your favourite standarddefinition sd or highdefinition hd tv shows, sporting events or special programs on your pc, mac, tablet or smartphone over the internet, from anywhere in. My parents have a different comcast box, and my personal slingbox m1 is connected to a verizon fios box. View and download sling media slingbox user manual online. Watch your favorite standard definition sd or hd tv shows, sporting events or special programs on your pc, mac, tablet or smartphone over the internet, from anywhere in the world.

For viewing on the big screen, simply use the slingbox remote control to access the onscreen menu, select my media, then choose between videos or photos and browse for the file you want to watch. In just four simple steps, the slingbox is good to go. Provide an interface sdk to communicate with a slingbox slingmedia for creating custom slingbox player program or some plugin for existing media player like vlc. If you like tv, its hard not to smile when you take control of your tv and dvr from your mobile device. This stepbystep guide will help you get started with your slingbox 500. Help finding your video source with the supported video sources tool. Using a computer that is on the same network as your slingbox 500, open slingplayer for desktop. If you have a wireless router, you can either use a pair of slinglinks or a wifitoethernet bridge to make the network connection.

Access local news internationally, watch prerecorded shows on the subway, or watch home entertainment in your second home. The slingbox 500 is the companys attempt to reclaim the throne. Dont miss your favorite tv shows and events when youre away from home. Sling media slingbox 500 quick start manual pdf download. View and download sling media slingbox 500 quick start manual online. Quick start guide slingbox solo ethernet cable power adapter b whats in the box. Slingbox 350 and 500 placeshift tv at 1080p, improve. When your slingbox reaches its end of life, contact your local authorities to learn about recycling options. The final step in hardware setup is to plug the slingbox into a wall outlet. Multimedia equipment user manual details for fcc id s7usbpb1539 made by sling media. How to edit a pdf how to set up twofactor authentication how to set. Sling media slingbox 500 photos, specs, and price engadget. There are dozens of newer streaming players on the market. Our most comprehensive tv anywhere solution, the slingbox prohd delivers high definition hd pictures plus the flexibility of connecting up to two home entertainment sources at the same time.

Effective december 2019, slingbox is ending support for several slingplayer android apps. Also provide a sample application that can be use to record from slingbox. Team slingbox is made up of likeminded, hardworking entertainment and technology enthusiasts. Press and hold the reset button down until the network light on the front panel flashes twice quickly. The slingbox 500 is designed as a passthrough device. Jul 16, 2015 sign in to add this video to a playlist. Page 10 on the left side of the slingbox directory window, click the slingbox that was reset. Slingbox 2 audiovideo cables ethernet cable coaxial cable quick setup guide cdrom containing slingbox software for windows xp computers svideo cable. Wi fi option greatly expands the m1s flexibility of placement and setup.

Watch this stepbystep guide to help you with the setup of your slingbox 500. However, if your connection supplies less than about 500kbps, you may see video. If you cant find an answer to your question on the support site, get help from other slingbox owners in the slingbox prohd section of the slingbox answers forum. If you have a cable box, satellite receiver or a dvr, connect this device to the slingbox, as shown below. Slingbox 500 slingbox 350 slingplayer for mobile devices. To get started, all you need is the latest version of your slingbox 500 firmware and a usb storage device attached to your slingbox. The last time i set up a slingboxa settop box that lets you watch your tv content remotely on connected. View online or download sling media slingbox user manual. Our website uses cookies to make your browsing experience better. If you want to watch live tv on your mobile devices, the slingbox m1 is the. In order to connect your hd cable or satellite settop box to your slingbox, you need component outputs on your settop box. However, you can only set up one input during the initial installation of the slingplayer software. Extend your new simple setup on your tv, the highend slingbox 500, which streams live tv if you have a router or an ethernet connection available near where your slingbox is set up. Heres a cool feature you can use to easily view your personal media on your hdtv.

Instead of connecting the device and then going to a computer on the same network to set it up. Click configuration the slingbox setup assistant opens. Only slingbox gives you full access and control of your living room tv experience in sparkling 1080p full hd. Slingbox makes it simple to access your live and recorded shows, movies and sports. Slingbox user guide 3 welcome package contents make sure you have received the following items with your slingbox. The elegant slingbox 500 delivers stunning picture quality, full hd at 1080p. Oct 30, 2012 the 500 has a much easier setup process. With a slingbox at home and slingplayer on your compatible smartphone or tablet, enjoy live or recorded tv over 3g, 4g or wifi. There is a content protocol called hdcp and i need to get around that. A remote control ir cable composite av cable c quick start guide slingbox solo. We asked ourselves what would make tvwatching even better, and these are the ideas that went up on the white board.

Slingbox m1 is there an alternative way to connect to a router. In october 2012, sling media launched the slingbox 350 and 500 to replace the. As such, you can connect your cable box to the slingbox, which is connected to your tv. How to connect your slingbox with an hd signal from cablesatellite. The directv unit hooks up to this device via hdmi, this device hooks up the the tv via hdmi and hooks up the the slingbox via component. If you dont see the slingbox welcome screen, try changing to a different input on your tv. The new slingbox 500 represents the best of the devices breed to date, offering all the features fans have been wanting and even a few nifty extras. But the price seems out of whack relative to its capabilities, especially in this age of ondemand everything.

With a slingbox 500 and slingplayer on your iphone or android phone its a snap to beam your photos and videos onto the tv. Turn your new highresolution tablet or smartphone into a tv. The 500 costs as much as the older slingbox prohd, but doesnt do much more, save for streaming over wifi. Sbpb1539 multimedia equipment user manual slingbox user. The slingbox is a settop box that connects to your tv and streams the signal in realtime to another device such as your laptop, phone or tablet.

Be patient it can take up to 60 seconds for that quick double flash. Slingbox 500 literally turns your home tv into a virtual smart tv. In the slingbox configuration settings we were trying to select the a pvr box using the manufacturers make and model from the drop down menu. Easily find news, shows or movies, or set up your own favorites with the onscreen gallery view. Sling media sb500100 slingbox 500 refurbished this means the product was tested and repaired as required to meet the standards of the refurbisher, which may or may not be the original manufacturer. We have 7 sling media slingbox manuals available for free pdf download. The slingbox 500 is the most advanced slingbox available featuring hdmi ports, the ability to sling your pictures on your tv from your mobile devices using slingplayer, builtin wifi,and agreat tv interface with onscreen setup. Only slingbox gives you full access and control of your living room tv experience in. I have an xfinity x1 system and i want to hook up a slingbox 500 to it to broadcast to other tvs in the house. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or instore pickup. Sling media slingbox manuals manuals and user guides for sling media slingbox.

The subscriptionfree slingbox 500 from sling media allows you to enjoy all of your owners manual. Your phone needs to be connected to the same home network as your slingbox 500. Discover slingbox about us partners contact us legal do not sell my personal information. If you have a slingbox 500 or 350, youll want to go here for setup and configuration help. Connect your cable box, satellite receiver or dvr to the slingbox. The unit gets powered by a spare usb slot from the tv. The sling media directory services that help slingplayer connect to your slingbox are operating normally.