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Jaor is the ultimate in computer management for the aor ar8200 mki, mkii and mkiii radio scanner. The multitech mt5600 modem is supported for dialup access to pcr, optocom, ar8600, ar8200, r8500 and others. They are described individually and can be carried out on that basis but when all modifications are done together they are collectively known as the ar3000a plus modifications. Aor ar 3000a software software free download aor ar. The main category is radio control software that is about radio control software,for swl and ham radio operators programs. Unfortunately operating the ar5000 by the keyboard is not ergonomic but the very nice rs232c interface can help you. Scancatgold legacy 16 bit receiver control software. Klaus botschan ar8600 and ar8200 control software ar86ctrl. This is your onestop location for product manuals, software downloads and developer tools. Arc dv1 is dedicated software for the new aor ardv1 digital receiver. Second hand aor ar3000 wide band receiver radioworld.

Instruction manual for model ar2500 turbo scanning monitor. Control software for aor ar5000 resource detail the. Find aor ar2500 rigs and spare parts on ebay find the aor ar2500 on amazon. Third party software download area support aor,ltd. Aor is probably the best known and most innovative manufacturer of radio scanners. Bc200xlt, bc760, bc700a, yaesu frg9600, aor ar 2500. About controlsoft ar5000 the resource is currently listed in in a single category. Every cable is individually assembled and tested in our uk workshop. Arc dv1 pro includes all features of arc dv1 basic plus. Ar2500, ar3030, ar5000, ar7000, ar8600, ar8600 mkii. Aor has not fully tested or verified the features or security of the third party software listed on this site.

About control software for aor ar5000 the resource is currently listed in in a single category. Discontinued wideband receivers specifications the aor ar2500 combines compact size with wide coverage. This handy cable allows control of your aor receiver by your computer. Expert user aor ar2500 december 11, 1998 this article was originally written april 26, 1994 the ar2500 appears to be built for aor by fairmate, who also makes the ar, and also sells it under their own model number of hp100 and hp200 for the enhanced model. Please direct any questions regarding the software to the softwares vendor or author. I made a big mistake after i purchased this scanner. Repair if you are experiencing any problems with your aor products, you can send it in for repair. This radio tunes from 5 to 550 and 800 to 0 mhz later production 500 khz 1500 mhz in am, nfm, wfm, usb, lsb and cw modes.

View and download aor ar3000a instruction manual online. Bc200xlt, bc760, bc700a, yaesu frg9600, aor ar2500. And operates on narrow fm, wide fm,am,usb,lsb and cw modes 400 memory channels in 4 banks of 100 are provided. This manual covers the ar1500, ar1500e and ar1500ex. An rs232 port further extends the capabilities with free supporting control software available from the aor web sites. This link is listed in our web site directory since monday jun 20 2011, and till today controlsoft ar5000 has been followed for a total of 979 times. Based on historic data, todays secondhand price of the aor ar2500 is around. Desktop amateur hfvhfuhf scanner receiver frequency range. Aor ar900 scanner free knowledge base the duck project. Note that the arc5000 software is only a tool for setting up the radio like memorysearch banksbandplan. The aor ar2500 combines compact size with wide coverage. Ar2500, ar3030, ar5000, ar7000, ar8600, ar8600 mkii one end of the cable has a db9 male which connects to the remote socket on the radio. Trade current yaesu dualbander for aor3000 scanner.

Arc5000 provides a set of tools you can use to setupmanage your ar5000. Radioscanneraor model ar2500 need software,rs232 cable. Buy with confidence from the scanner software market leader. It is optimized for surveillance and monitoring applications. Aor ar2500 programmable scanner base or mobile continuous coverage bands channels includes rs ac adapter and printed copy of manual plus manual and service manual on cdrom. Arc dv1 is the best selling and cheapest programming software for the dv1 and is available at aor dealers worldwide. The aor ar3000a is a wideband communications receiver, made in japan, covering 100khz 2. This link is listed in our web site directory since sunday apr 4 1999, and till today control software for aor ar5000 has been followed for a total of 4864 times.

The ar2500 is a replacement for the ar2002 and the ar2515, which it supposedly duplicates, for a lower price. Radioinspectorrtlight is a similar to radioinspectorrt program but controls communication. The first one uses a connection to the mc3357 fm receiver ic, which is quite an operation luckily, the unfiltered audio can also be found at a circuit board via that can easily be reached. Up to 18mhz, the ardv1dx is a software defined radio sdr. Ar86ctrl free control software for the ar8600 and ar8200 radio scanners. Superior quality usb to serial chips for guaranteed reliability. Aor ardv1 steuerung uber leistungsfahige pcsoftware. Image gallery is provided to download quality images on current products. I believe this software has been abandoned by its original owners and is free to pass along for others to use with their ar2500 scanning receiver. For instructions on how to install the drivers and software, please refer to the documentation supplied with the receivers. Their latest product, the ardv1dx, is the first receiver on the ham radio market, which can handle both analog and digital signals. It covers both the civil and military vhf aero bands. If you want to see manuals from other manufactories you can click on the. For example, you can use remote control software, edit and backup your memory channels.

Second hand aor ar3000 wide band receiver, the ar3000 covers the frequency range of 100khz to 2036 mhz without any gaps in the tuning range. Listed below are useful software collections for aor products. Based on historic data, todays secondhand price of the aor ar2500 is. Other shipping options or areas at additional cost. Usb com cat control cable for aor ar2500 ar3030 ar5000 ar7000 ar8600. Cat control cable for aor ar2500 ar3030 ar5000 ar7000 ar8600. Anyone know where i might be able to find, either on disk or downloadable, a new copy. Aor ar7400 air band receiver the aor ar7400 is a special scanning receiver with unique coverage and features for the air band enthusiast. The ar86008200 communications receivers can be controlled via a serial port of your computer, using a standard rs232 cable. Feel free to browse the selections and view the many images of our. There are two ways to make a discriminator output in the ar3000.

It also has extra functionality that will allow you to set certain aspects of the controls behavior, like whether the button should pop up or stay pressed on a. Center stage is a custom multisection backlit lcd, numeric keypad, navigation keys, rotary tuning control and separate controls for volume and squelch control, the lcd can also display alphanumeric text comments. Usb com cat control cable for aor ar2500 ar3030 ar5000. An archive section provides information for discontinued products. This manual covers the ar1500, ar1500e and ar1500ex models. Aordtestdv1 option is made specifically for aor ardv1. The software allows full function control, memory management, configuration and remote access of the radio from a standard pc running windows 95, 98, nt, 2000 or xp ar8200 control software jaor. For instructions on how to install the drivers and software, please refer to the. Aor ar3000a plus modifications introduction the following modifications were originally developed by aor uk ltd as a result of popular requests by enthusiasts. Free shipping to us locations via usps priority mail. Aor arone receiver governmentexport version scanner. Usb com cat control cable for aor ar2500 ar 3030 ar 5000 ar 7000 ar 8600.

The aor arone is a professional wideband communications receiver covering 10 khz to 3. Mini bb breitbandempfangsvorverstarker 90mhz 2500mhz chf 149. Aor ar 8000 receiver computer control softwarescancat wl500 window loop antenna 3. Let us know what you traded it for and help other ham operators. We collect prices paid by real hams over the years to help you estimate the value of a used aor ar2500. Peccato che questo ricevitore, pur dotato di una porta seriale per il controllo da pc non sia utilizzabile tramite ham radio deluxe, che avrebbe sopperito alla scarsa gestione delle memorie interne della radio. This page lists links, related pages and software support for the aor ar5000 receiver. To extract compressed files and folders, a ziplzh utility is required. The optoelectronics dc442 and dc442 plus decoders include an rs232 to civ converter that can be used other civ icom receivers. I found out that aor has or was ready to launch a new and better scanner. As the demos of most of these can be downloaded it gives you the chance to try them out and decide as to which is best for you.