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Follow for stories and inspiration about travel, extreme sports, yoga, and adventure. See more ideas about smash book, smash book inspiration and book journal. Decide whether you want to embellish the pages as you go or before you start. I started by ripping a few pages out of my old book, in about 810 page chunks. Diy journal how to smash book, art journal, sketchbooks.

She used a good number of scrapbook supplies to dress up her smash book pages too. There is a specific slot for a picture and a fixed spot where you can write. There was a roll of it in my first smashbook bundle, and that was the end of me. Watercolor is a really easy way to add color to your page, and it gives you the opportunity to blot or use different amounts of water. My sister and i bought brand new journals and we are trying out this 30 day smash book challenge to get started. Instead of buying a scrapbook album and page protectors, a smash book is a journal in which you can write, draw, paint and glue in embellishments and memorabilia as youre onthemove. Easily diy a beautiful recipe binder to give as a gift or keep for yourself. That style suits you well great job having fun and making something this beautiful is what scrapping is all about. Youll need a reclaimed book, a 1 round hole punch, a standard size hole punch and yarn or string. My thirtyone tote full of embellishments and books. Depending on how much time and detail youd like to put in to your project, a smash book would be a great way to document your journey. Im using an old vintage book as the start of my smash book. Alright, ive found another video where a smasher shares what she has done to the first few pages of her smash book, as well as how she decorated her cover page.

Its a place to record whats happening in your life as well as a place to dream about what you want make happen. The 10 best sites for diy projects apartment therapy. Smash book ideen best picture for diy stationery storage for your taste you. No planning is involved you simply decorate as you feel in the moment. Smashbook is generally a notebook on which you scribble and paste. Where to find cute sticky notes, flags, pens, stickers, and washi tape how i organize and decorate my planner.

Be inspired to use your stash of papers, mementos and accents to create something wonderful. All the january birthdays will be on the january page e. I love that you made one yourself and gave it a a wonderful touch of you. Posted on 15th august 2016 by sylvia ames filed under all papercraft tutorials, papercraft disciplines and techniques, scrapbooking and journalling, design team. I am a journaller from way back, i love to write and keep a log of what im thinking, how things are going and i find its a wonderful way to grow as a human being. I also sewed many fun projects that werent quiet books, like ornaments, baby toys and even a stuffed pony with a new year beginning, its fun to look back on the pages i made and. How to make a smash book method 2 creating a diy smash book buy a composition notebook or something similar. Few pictures in this post seems are not 100% compatible added in the gallery.

Smash booking is filling a book with anything you like in any way you like. So, to solve this problem, i bought an orange smash book. Which, to be fair, is totally ok, because the books are super cool. Big or small, diy journals are perfect for you or for gifts. Its where you put the little notes your kids write you, or the pretty feather you found by. The idea is that you use the book like you would an old school scrapbook.

Then, after cutting a circle template about 3 inches in diameter from a piece of boxboard, i simply held it over a group of pages and traced around it. As for the blue, i am finished adding layers but thats what is fun about it. Couple days ago we decide to mix these images that are the best list to get different examples particularly about smash book pages printable things. On a few of the pages, i hand lettered some inspirational quotes. I was walking home the other night, bearing in mind i am 21, a man thought i was 33. See more ideas about smash book, art journal inspiration and pretty pictures. The concept of a smash book is exactly that, you tape, glue and smash things into the book, much like the way a scrapbook used to be done. Beginning of a dialog window, including tabbed navigation to register an account or sign in to an existing account. Then feed the string through one of the small holes and then through the. Stash and smash has over 120 ideas for organizing your personal stash. You can really add any notes, mementos, thoughts or photos you want to it. Make a journal or smash book youll treasure for many years. I had originally planned to fill it up with all of our summer adventures but after an initial burst of activity i have to admit that i didnt add to it nearly as much as i would have liked.

Smash books are practical and wonderful for compiling ideas, doodles, memories, photos, quotes, celebrations, meanderings and anything you want really. Im getting lots of great ideas from the smashaholics page and lots of enabling. Diy stash book diy stash book for all your secret stuff. A smash book is a totally awesome twist to a traditional scrapbook. Think scrapbook except quick, easy, unique and with a twist of messy. I agree to have my personal information transfered to mailchimp more information never miss a post by subscribing via email. So, i am still pulling it off the shelf to add notes and drawings to it all the time.

Because it is not a fixed design, you dont have to follow a pattern. You may write or draw on the pages, you may stick in photographs, tickets, post. There really wasnt much to this one friends just an old book and a length of twine threaded onto a needle. Making this a super flexible journal for the summer holidays or back to school for that matter. Hi, sylvia here with a tutorial for making a simple ring bound smash book a smash book is a mixture of scrapbooking, memory keeping and journaling. Ideas for using a smash book to keep a travel journal and scrapbook of your. Want to know how to make a smash book from scratch. See more ideas about smash book, smash book printables, printables.

Apr 9, 2020 smash booking and art journaling is all the rage right now this board is full of visual inspiration, journaling tips, and plenty of ideas and pretty pictures that inspire me. Well, look no further because we have roundedup the 10 best diy sites out there to keep you busy, building and inspired. Alice jan 2, 1990, the february birthdays will be the february page, and so on and. Take varied magazine pages or crepe paper for example to make a base for your smash book pages. See more ideas about smash book pages, smash book and mini albums. It comes with a halfpenhalf gluestick instrument which is very handy if you want to instantly write or stick something. A smash book is pretty much anything you want it to be. Theres no reason why diy journals have to be in book format. As i smashed, i left all the journaling cards and white pages empty to sketch in. First of all this isnt a daybyday thing, so you arent obligated to do this that way. A smash book is a new trendy way to do your memory keeping. This is for the person short on time, yet still likes to keep life lists, ideas from magazines, travel tidbits, inspirational quotes, funny things kids say, cool project ideas, and so much more. Diy smash book altered book art, art journal pages, book.

Since i love creating printable stuff i much prefer that to writing things out in my messy lefty handwriting, i took a slightly different approach to my jillee scrapbook journal smash book. Smashbook, of course, makes a line of goodies to smash in your book, but get creative and see what strikes your fancy. Excitement fills every page of this amazing, colorful book. Inspiring diy smash book printables printable images. Write month names and the top of the pages first page january, second page february etc. Part 2 of a 3 part series on making a smash book out of a recycled cereal box. How to make a vacation smash book the realistic mama. For example, if you receive a ticket stub after a bus journey whilst on holiday, stick. The smash book will be used for recording our regular classroom notes, but it will also be used to practice skills and work with new information.

Everyone in the scrapbooking world all seem to be a little bit obsessed with smash books. And, we like to think we have plenty of good coverage for doityourselfers, too. Your smash book can be a mix of a diary and a photo album. A smash book smash is a brand name is a decorative notebook that comes with a special pen that has ink on one end and a glue stick on the other. Diy smash book free printable project life journaling cards free printable tickets diy smash book smash book printables free. Of course todays smash book diy, also doubles up as a fabulous diy. Smash books can take many forms and you dont have to use the official smash book. This and that thursday smash book inspiration, smash book.

A smash book is book made to keep thoughts, images and suitable mementos. One line per day theres no reason why diy journals have to be in book format. Travel scrapbook pages ideas smash book 40 ideas travel smash book. This finished smash book, with a decorated cover, will pretty much tell the recipient about you. If youre into smash books a recent trend i hadnt heard of or planners, the ideas for diy journals are transferable to those too. I use these pensmarkers for a lot of my hand lettering. Heres how you can make book page bunting without using any glue. See more ideas about smash book, book journal and art journal inspiration. It is a little more detailed than a journal or scrapbook. For all your papercraft and scrapbooking needs, take a look at the smash range.

You can use traditional scrapbooks, notebooks, travelers notebooks, moleskine inserts or make them yourself using a variety of different papers or scrapbook paper and then either stitch them together or use a long armed stapler or loose binder rings to clip them together. For example, one of my early lessons is about how to annotate text while reading. Smash book pages black smashbook journaling couple scrapbook. Smash books are a 2011 twist on the old sugar paper scrapbooks that we used to glue all our favourite memorabilia in as kids, something my kids have bypassed, being born in the eage. A specialist scrapbooking range with a vintage twist, check out their vintage tickets, captions and tapes to give your scrapbooking a unique and interesting look. Inside, youll find valuable tips, ideas, samples, and instructions for creating your very own smash it in journals. This 40page book is fun, colorful and an excellent place to store your ideas while on the go. This tutorial is on how to make the pocket pages, envelope pages, plastic sleeve pages, and mini fold out pages. Creating a travel smash book is cheap, fun, and perfect to pass the time on those long bus rides. Recycled cereal box smash book or scrapbook part 2 the pages. Bullet journal school, bullet journal notes, bullet journal ideas pages, bullet journal. Old book crafts book page crafts book page art book pages folded book art paper book pattern books pattern art art patterns this listing is for 20 patterns to create your own folded book art the patterns included are those shown in the picture you will recieve an instant down load of the patterns for your convenience and the files will be available as soon as you have completed your purchase. How to create a travel smash book and smashbook flip through.

Its perfect for if you are just starting out, or need some new ideas. This is allie from alexandra rae design here to show you how to make your own smash book, on the cheap. And below youll find some fun ideas for smashing your vacation memories into a book. You can use a notebookjournal of some kind or make your book anyway you want. Personalize your own smash binder stay organized today. Whilst the concept isnt new i have to say the range of. Diy journal how to smash book, art journal, sketchbooks red. And this is how easy it is to make a diy journal from scratch enjoy. I made about 24 quiet book spreads, two of which were little books on their own, one was on a felt board with a carrying case. Maybe during a slow or rainy day, you take the time to make 3 or 4 beautiful, elaborate pages. I love that you can simply add pages or remove some, as you wish. So get your creative juices flowing, get out there, and build, build, build.